The Weekly Boost

Habits shape your life more than some people realize.

We’ve all got a few bad habits. After all, nobody’s perfect.

But if you want to build a culture of success and perform at a high level, you need to develop better habits.

Good habits shape and mold the high achieving person that you want to become. But you don’t just wake up one day and flip a switch on a life-time of bad habits.

It takes a little bit of introspection on who you are right now and who you want to become. It takes a little bit of accountability. And you start small by forming good habits that ultimately shape the person you’re trying to become.

Join me and high performance coach Ryan James Miller as we talk about how to develop a high performance mindset and building the right habits in order to fuel the career you want.

Join us as we discuss:

- How to become self-aware and think about the person you want to become
- How to develop better habits by starting small
- Why you should forget about goals and focus instead on the habits that make you the person you want to grow to be
- Why ego can be your biggest enemy

… and more!

What is The Weekly Boost?

This podcast is dedicating to taking an honest look at the reality of marketing and growing your real estate business. My guess is, you want to close more deals (whether it's working with buyers or sellers), but it's not as easy as some people (like bullsh*t marketers) would have you believe.

I spend my day consulting with some of the best agents in the industry which basically means I have a front row seat to the behind-the-scenes of world-class marketing campaigns and listing strategies, and I’m here to unveil some of those strategies and tactics with you.

Listen in as I share what’s good in real estate & the world of marketing!