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No one chats like Gaston, no one acts like Gaston, no one produces quality podcasts like Gaston.

Show Notes

We're back at it with the April surprises as Meg sits down with long time friend and fellow co-host of What's up ATM? to discuss Disney's live action classic: Beauty and the Beast. These two have a whole lot to say about this movie and what exactly it got right. Hear a brief history of their friendship, critiques on the singing, and Meg just completely gush about the CGI.

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Guest Host:

"Fight the Sea" by Josh Woodward (

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What is Film Fatales?

Sass & Mischief abound as your girls, Steph and Meg, sit down every other Wednesday of the month to pick apart anything from film & TV, and the occasional book. Do they love it? Do they hate it? Listen and find out.
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