Heart 2 Heart Walk Podcast

Living alongside PTSD- a family perspective with Janine Hopkin and Sarah U'Brien. 

In this episode, Matt takes a step back from the microphone and lets two of the Heart 2 Heart Walkers, Sarah and Janine have a 'self interview' by the waters edge not far from our camp at Urana, NSW.  After setting up the recording equipment and hitting the red button it was over to them.

However this is no ordinary chat between these ladies.  Both Sarah and Janine were 'Police wives' and everything that goes along with it.  From living in small communities with the local Policeman to now looking after their partners that both suffer PTSD.

We hear all too often about the action packed, drama filled lives Police and emergency services workers lead however what is often left out is the 'behind the scenes' part of those stories; the partners, the children and the consequences.

In this episode, we are changing that.  You will hear about the tragic effects on both them as partners, but even more devastating, their children who are just so innocently involved in not only the chaos of service, but the effects of having a parent suffer a mental health condition as a result of that service.

You can also watch this waterside chat between Sarah and Janine on YouTube. https://youtu.be/ZojBgZ0-HTw

Listener discretion is advised; some episodes raise issues regarding mental health, suicide and other matters that might not be suitable for all listeners.

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What is Heart 2 Heart Walk Podcast?

Podcast of the Heart 2 Heart Walk. A long distance walk to raise awareness around First Responder Mental Health and Wellbeing including Suicide, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and Premature Mortality. The Heart 2 Heart Walk will take place from the 1 July 2023 from the geographic centre of Australia to the Nation's Capital, taking 3 months and over 2500km. The Podcast will cover everything from amazing stories of Police and Emergency Services workers right through to academic researchers looking at the issues related to mental health of Australia's First Responders.
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