After the recent tragedy in New Zealand, Zoe sits down with Dr Timothy Chapman to discuss how events like this occur and what this means in relation to geological sciences.

What is TuneFM?

TuneFM is the University of New England’s campus radio station, a high power open narrowcasting service operated by UNESA (UNE’s Student Association). With a forty plus year history, the station is Australia’s oldest university broadcaster, serving UNE’s students, staff, and the broader Armidale community.

All music used in this podcast is covered under TuneFM's APRA AMCOS Online Music Licence.

TuneFm has a long history of music, politics and activism – stemming from our radical start back in April 1970. 2UNE came into being as a result of a growing dissatisfaction with a sleepy Liberal Government during the swinging 60s. With the backing of Sir Zelman Cowan, the then Vice-Chancellor, the UNE Radio Committee pushed for a licence to broadcast across the campus.

Finally they were successful, and put together a studio in the Milton building. Then on that fateful day, April 27th 1970, Dick Mutton muttered the words “Radio UNE, the time is 7 o’clock”.