Wiser World

An extremely brief and concise history of Russia from the late 1800s to 1949.

Show Notes

This episode is a VERY concise and basic review of Russia’s history in the past 100-ish years: Part 1 covers pre-1917 to 1949, and Part 2 covers 1949 - early 2022. Albert Einstein said, “The definition of genius is taking the complex and making it simple.” I am no genius, but I definitely tried to do the genius thing here. It was a challenge, for sure. Obviously, I leave a LOT out and I gloss over tons of things we could spend days and weeks learning about. But I did my best to share historical facts as we know them currently. 

Not all of my episodes will be this date and history-heavy—many will share more personal stories. But this moment in history demands context and background, so I went for it. I hope it helps. 


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What is Wiser World?

Did you forget everything from your world history class, and now feel lost when world topics come up in current events? Designed for busy people who forgot and need a quick refresh, Wiser World takes world history and makes it approachable and concise.

Here we explore different regions of the world, giving you the facts and context you need to think historically when considering current events. The goal? Re-build your foundation of world knowledge so you can be a more informed and confident critical thinker when it comes to foreign affairs.