Garblag Games - Tales from Ondrum - A Pathfinder 2e Actual play

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Our heroes arrive at Emberwatch Tower and choose where they will explore first...

Show Notes

We will follow the exploits of 5 heroes as they hexcrawl across the Rimward Wilds region of the World Mountain. 
What will they find and how will Pete's new hexcrawl rules hold up? Well, first we need some characters, so here we go! Please consider supporting the channel: Twitch: Patreon: Discord:  

What is Garblag Games - Tales from Ondrum - A Pathfinder 2e Actual play?

Drifting through the silvery starlight world of the Ether is the World Mountain. The body of the god Ondrum and
the home to all creatures in existence.

Join us for the stories of those who call the many layers of Ondrum home.

Tales from Ondrum is a Pathfinder 2nd Edition Actual Play Podcast from Garblag Games. These podcasts are taken from our livestream games. We stream on