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 How do you harness the power of the cloud to the edge? 🌐🔥

Tune in to the latest episode of Tech Deep Dive with host Max Clark, founder of, featuring our expert guests, Dave Nowicki, Senior Solution Architect at Expedient, and John Spivey, Partner Account Executive at Expedient, as they share their deep insights on this topic. 🌟💬

Discover the transformative potential of Expedient's interconnected network of data centers strategically placed throughout the United States. Explore how they enable cloud, colocation, disaster recovery, and VDI in top-tier facilities backed by 24x7x365 support. 🏢

Timestamps for Expedient
0:00 - Introduction to Taking the Power of the Cloud to the Edge with Expedient
1:49 - Meet John Spivey, Partner Account Executive, and Dave Nowicki, Senior Solution Architect at Expedient
2:44 - Exploring the World of Expedient: What is Expedient?
4:05 - Data Center Acquisitions: A Closer Look at Expedient's Expansion
8:34 - Identifying the Right Acquisition Prospects for Expedient
11:54 - What’s the Business Driver to Get Out of Data Centers
22:10 - The Inescapable Costs of Embracing the Cloud
29:22 - The Expedient Edge: Solving Real Problems
35:09 - Deploying the Expedient Edge: A Step Forward
50:06 - Applications Shaping the Future of Expedient Edge
56:21 - Crafting the Ideal Customer Profile for Expedient
59:21 - Addressing the Fear of Ransomware
1:00:00 - Exploring Expedient’s Tech Solutions
1:02:29 - Thoughts on Ransomware 

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