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Today I’m joined by Ho Yin Cheung, the founder, and CEO of Remo, a tool that helps you organize virtual events and office space, and Riotly Social Media, an Instagram social media agency.

We discussed the challenges Ho Yin faced when he began transitioning to be a better remote startup leader, how his perceptions about remote hiring have changed from enabling cost-cutting to enlarging the talent pool, and how Remo help provides the right amount of transparency for remote teams.

Ho Yin also shared the resources and thought leaders that helped him to be a better remote startup leader. Make sure to check these out in the Learning Resources section below!

Since we recorded this episode, Remo organized several virtual webinar events, and has even more events coming up.

Show Notes

We covered
  • 05:54 — What fascinates Ho Yin the most about remote work
  • 08:41 — Challenges and lessons Ho Yin faced while transforming to be a remote startup leader
  • 13:08 — How Ho Yin’s hiring process changed
  • 19:38 — Ho Yin’s “superpower” that helps him manage his remote team better
  • 21:35 — Why recording is a powerful tool for creating processes in remote teams
  • 24:59 — Resources that helped Ho Yin to be a better remote leader
  • 26:54 — What is Remo?
  • 34:21 — Use cases for Remo
  • 40:58 — How Ho Yin’s transition to being a remote startup leader affects Remo’s product roadmap
  • 49:11 — Advice to startups that want to start hiring remote team members
  • 50:45 — Why it’s important for remote startup CEOs to have a deep bond with early remote team members

Learning resources:

Mentioned resources:

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