Your Partners In Pain

In episode three, we speak to Jessica Jack all about the "Improving Pain in Saskatchewan" research project and the suggested directions and implications it may have for pain patients, care, and treatment in our province.

Show Notes

For our third episode of “Your Partners In Pain," we are speaking with Jessica Jack who is a medical anthropology student and lead research assistant on the “Improving Pain in Saskatchewan” project. 

With their own lived experience of pain, Jessica tells us all about the multi-year IPSK research project in the province and ways for those in the community to get involved. Jessica shares with us some of the surprising findings from the research where she conducted the interviews, future directions for improving pain care in Saskatchewan, and the importance of community and culture in pain research and treatment!
We hope you enjoy this episode, and for anyone wanting to connect with Jessica directly, you are welcome to do so by e-mailing at

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What is Your Partners In Pain?

A Saskatchewan-based podcast that aims to bring together those who live with pain, healthcare providers who treat chronic pain, and researchers working on topics that affect people living with pain.