J107 Rockathon

Enter a world of coolheaded songs and calming instrumentals that take you on a journey of peace. Just put your headphones on, find a corner somewhere, press play on this playlist, and relax. After listening to over half an hour of this thoughtfully curated jazz-blues selection, you may feel better than usual. You can also use it while you run your everyday chores or simply watch the sunset with it along with some hot coffee or warm tea. Give it a listen. Rockathon #2 contains songs from two of my recent albums released by Global Crossover between 2020-2023. Forgive Me and Life After Death. The song, Dust To Dirt and Forgive Me, were produced by Zenith Constellic. The rest of the songs are from the album Life After Death.

The Line Up | Patience | Dust To Dirt | Hope | Acceptance | Breathe | Forgive me | The Promise.


What is J107 Rockathon?

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