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Houston has a rich history of stepping up to a challenge. Meet The Lee Group, a world-class advertising agency with a heart for Houston. When COVID19 came to town, The Lee Group found a way to answer the need with the creation of Houston Rallies, delivering marketing tools necessary to keep business running. Houston Rallies is making that happen right now.

Show Notes

Discover how it came together and meet two of the team members that are behind the project.  Agency Principal Ann Lee and Account Director Mark Pereia.  Their unique approach keeps the conversation going for a wide variety of Houston area businesses through digital and traditional media, and it's working like a charm.  But here's the best part, their efforts are delivered without any agency fanfare.  It's all about the businesses and their well being.  This is how you help others.  You'll enjoy hearing more about how it came to be and what we can expect down the road.  COVID19 has plenty of bad news associated with it, but here's some good news instead.

What is Feel The Ad Love!?

A podcast about all things advertising and marketing, featuring great guests and stories. Produced by Radio Lounge in Houston, Texas USA