On 31 May-1 June 2023, the Youth Partnership's symposium “Visible Value: Growing youth work in Europe” will gather over 100 participants in the European Youth Centre Budapest,at mid-point between two European Youth Work Conventions. 

This event takes stock of the steps forward on youth work development and in the implementation of the European Youth Work Agenda (EYWA), and to streamline and promote a continuous constructive dialogue with the community of practice.

In this episode we are talking to Zara Lavchyan - a youth work practitioner and trainer and Howard Williamson - a youth researcher about their expectations from the symposium and thoughts on where are we with youth work at the moment.

Hosts: László Milutinovits and Dariusz Grzemny

What is UNDER 30'?

Welcome to UNDER 30, the podcast series by the EU-Council of Europe youth partnership that brings research results, explores trends in young people's lives and themes relevant for youth policy and practice.

The EU-CoE youth partnership is a co-operation programme between the European Commission and the Council of Europe in the field of youth, created in 1998, connecting youth research, policy and practice.