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In this episode, we do things a little differently. I sit down with Geoff Pado, an app maker and live streamer. This is the edited version of a live stream interview found at https://twitch.tv/compileswift, where we also had a live chatroom during the recording.

As mentioned in this episode
Black Highlighter
Cocoatype live stream

  • (00:19) - Introduction
  • (00:33) - Hello Geoff
  • (03:21) - Origin story
  • (07:15) - Kineo
  • (10:59) - Black Highlighter
  • (16:05) - Viewer question
  • (22:14) - Viewer question
  • (27:06) - Use test projects
  • (30:10) - Sharing in public
  • (39:17) - SwiftUI time?
  • (52:34) - Shout out to the chatroom
  • (53:06) - Thanks Geoff
  • (53:45) - CompileSwift.com
  • (54:02) - Rate and Review

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Creators & Guests

Geoff Pado
📱 developer. @Chewy by day, @kineoapp and @BlkHighlighter by night.Opinions probably not even my own, much less my employer's.

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