Moments in Leadership

As the Senior Enlisted Advisor to the Chairman (SEAC) of the Joint Chiefs of Staff (CJCS), General Mark Milley, SEAC Ramón Colón-López discusses his Moments in Leadership over a career that started in 1990 as a Transportation Specialist until 1994 when he volunteered for the training pipeline to became an Air Force Pararescueman, or "PJ". SEAC Colón-López is the most senior enlisted member of the United States military. In 2007 he was the only Hispanic American among the first six airmen to be awarded the newly created Air Force Combat Action Medal.

Show Notes

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What is Moments in Leadership?

Moments in Leadership is a podcast where you will hear firsthand about the careers of senior military leaders as they share their own unique and individual experiences. Moments in Leadership will immerse you in real-life stories where you will learn about the challenging situations these accomplished leaders faced and discover the lessons they learned early in their careers that were the most influential to developing their overall leadership style.