Time of Grace With Pastor Mike Novotny

When life is hard and it doesn't feel like God is doing enough to relieve us of the pain, we start to question God and his love for us. But, Pastor Mike warns, to do that is exactly what the devil wants. Instead, we can follow the example of a man named Job who suffered a level of pain and loss we can't begin to imagine. How can we respond like Job in the face of our darkest moments? Part 2 of 2.

** Program note: This is the radio edit of our program! On April 29, "Time of Grace With Mike Novotny" started broadcasting on the many FM and AM stations of the Faith Radio Network. Here’s a link to the station listings. Going forward, the radio edits will populate this podcast feed!

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If you have questions and want to know more about God, like what does he think of you, what exactly was Jesus all about, how do you get “saved” and just what exactly does it mean to “get saved,” and what you should do next, we want you to download this free resource Pastor Mike wrote called, The Basics: God. You. Jesus. Faith.

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