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I am so excited because today on the podcast I am joined by my friends Marc Forster Algas the founder of Karisma Living and Gui Perdrix the director of Co-Liv which is a non-profit association of coliving professionals. Marc and Gui were both speakers at the Co-Liv Summit which took place last month in Bansko, Bulgaria and they joined me on the podcast to share with us their biggest takeaways from that event.

We talk about the trends they are seeing in coliving post-COVID and how we can expect this to affect the future of living. We also discussed the different ways in which the hospitality industry and homeownership could change as more and more people start working remotely and embark on the digital nomad lifestyle.

Show Notes

💬  Topics Discussed:
  • What is Co-liv and how it was formed?
  • How did Gui get into remote work and why he became a digital nomad
  • What inspired Marc to come up with Karisma Living?
  • Why was Bansko chosen as the location for the Co-Liv’s summit?
  • What were the biggest takeaways from the Co-Liv summit?
  • The potential of coliving for the future
  • The different types of coliving
  • What are people looking for in a coliving space and who it’s for?
  • The benefits of staying at a coliving space
  • How long do people usually stay in a coliving space?
  • Does the digital nomad lifestyle keep you young?
  • Forming a home base and hybrid styles of digital nomadism
  • What is a “slowmad” & break down of nomad homebases
  • Creating a global infrastructure for digital nomads
  • Owning property as a digital nomad
  • The state of co-ownership in real estate
  • Does the future of real estate rest in the blockchain?
  • Real estate tailored for digital nomads
  • Gui’s biggest takeaway’s from the Co-Liv’s summit
  • Niches in the coliving industry
  • Creating specialized offers for different types of coliving residents
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