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Jim Gavigan | President and Founder @ Industrial Insight, Inc.
A problem solver with over 20 years of experience in various roles in automation, manufacturing, and data solutions. I have a unique set of skills and experiences that allow me to be a consultant, coach, architect, mentor, or implementer as the need fits. From my start as an engineer doing automation work in industrial manufacturing through the founder of a data solutions company, my experiences help me bring insight into issues that industrial companies struggle with today. Throughout my 20 years, I have also developed a tremendous network of people who are among the best in the world at what they do. Those partnerships allow me and my company to deliver solutions beyond my capability.

Jim Gavigan joins us again as we continue to dive into the Standardization of Automation.

What happens on the data side of the equation when we talk about standardization?
Are there standards when we look at data across industries?

Be sure to join us for a very exciting episode of Manufacturing Hub!

A special thank you to Siemens for sponsoring this theme and your continued support of the show.

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