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simplyTravis and loyalhistorian visit Austin to experience the epic and important War Remains VR Experience. Hear their thoughts on the usage of VR technology combined with the history of WWI. The crew also discuss the dark, cruel reality of WWi trench warfare as they walk through War Remains.

Show Notes

Hello Lamer Gamers, this is simplyTravis and special guest LoyalHistorian with a special SIDEQUEST edition of the Lamer Gamers Podcast. 

We drove more than 250 miles from the steamy swamps of Southeast Texas to the majestic hipster haven in the hill country known as Austin...also in Texas... to experience...virtual war. And by that I mean Dan Carlin’s virtual reality experience War Remains which gave us the chance to experience the sights, sounds, and explosive immersive reality behind World War I trench warfare. 

Today we’re going to walk you through what we experienced at War Remains and discuss the history behind World War I. As we walk through the experience we’ll dive into what it was like to be a soldier on the front line, in the trenches, and up in the air. We’ll finish up by discussing how this use of gaming technology is viewed by a historian vs a gamer. Now that we have our marching orders it’s time to load up and move on out! 

What is Lamer Gamers Podcast?

Hello Lamer Gamers! We host a gaming podcast where our main quest is to have fun and give you a combination of gaming news, views, rumors, along with special BONUS POINTS topic where we reach out to the Lamer Community to gather other points of view on hot gaming topics. Now with ridiculous gaming parody commercials!
Podcasts that don't follow these two formats are considered SIDEQUEST episodes with a specific focus such as rantings, ravings, reviews, spoilercasts, "nerd alerts", Top 10's, games vs history, and more!