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A tech startup gets liberated from investors and the for-profit economic system.

Show Notes

Tibet Sprague is a "communitarian technologist" with a vision for building companies and communities outside of investor-driven, for-profit systems. His current project is Hylo, an online platform for collaboration that's governed by its users.

Show Notes

"Truss the Process" and "Success is Surviving," our episodes on pay equity - 00:18

"Coops: The Next Generation" and "Exit to Community," our episodes about cooperatives - 00:21

Hylo - 00:29

Tibet Sprague on Twitter - 1:08

Terran Collective
- 1:30

NRG acquired One Block Off the Grid (renamed Pure Energies Group) in 2014 - 4:10

Holo - 7:48

Announcement about Holo giving Hylo to Terran Collective - 9:08

Sociocracy for All - 17:30

"Mass vaccination site in Gary draws Chicago-area residents" (Chicago Tribune) - 24:32

"Gary, Indiana" from The Music Man - 24:42

Tibet's List of Resources

Reinventing Organizations
Free, Fair, and Alive: The Insurgent Power of the Commons
Emergent Strategy

More books, articles, and resources can be found on Terran Collective's website.

What is Rework?

A podcast by Basecamp about the better way to work and run your business. In Season 2, we're going through Rework (the book) chapter by chapter and talking with authors, Jason Fried and David Heinemeier Hansson, about what's changed in the world of business over the last eleven years since the book was published.