The Habibis

Note: as this is an episode featuring Anisa, there is cursing as the edit-time to remove the cursing would exceed the full lifespan of the universe.

Fawzi & Rami are joined by Osama Dorias-representative Anisa Sanusi. We talk about the BAFTAs, Ramadan, and wearing suits in a Starbucks.

Creators & Guests

Fawzi Mesmar (فوزي)
VP Editorial @Ubisoft Award winning designer, author, public speaker, serial expat, 1 of @The_Habibis opinions are my own. he/him. 日本語OK🙆‍♂️
Rami Ismail (رامي)
Gamedev. & presskit(). Speaker, consultant, helps devs globally. 33% of @The_Habibis. Traveler. Was 50% of @Vlambeer. He/Him. 🕋, 🇳🇱+🇪🇬
Anisa Sanusi
⚔️ Founder @LBMentorship, UI/UX Design Consultant, prev on @rollerdrome, @BAFTAGames Committee Member, @ForbesUnder30 & @GIbiz Top 100 💖 She/Her 🇲🇾🇬🇧🇪🇺

What is The Habibis?

The Habibis is three game developers drinking some good Arab Tea for what should be about fourty minutes, inshallah, each week, inshallah. Fawzi Mesmar, Osama Dorias, and Rami Ismail discuss games and media and life as Arabs living all around the big world.