You Can Be A Fit Bitch Too!

This week Michelle takes us through the various benefits of one on one personal training. Never underestimate the power of having a professional in your corner, someone who really cares about you and your fitness goals. Whether it's in person visits several times a week, or a monthly checkin on Zoom, a personal trainer will help keep you on track and ensure you're training in a way that's healthy for your body mind and spirit!

Michelle McIntyre is a fitness instructor who wants to share her most treasured advice and motivation with you! Whether you’re a beginner or an expert, Michelle will show you fantastic ways to build your body, including your abs, butt, and more! Michelle will make fitness fun, even if you're brand new to squats, bicep curls, or cardio. She loves to uplift anyone who's on their own fitness journey! Her motivational style will inspire you to love yourself, your body, and your life! Join her bi-weekly for new episodes.

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Podcast: You Can be a Fit Bitch Too!

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Michelle McIntyre

What is You Can Be A Fit Bitch Too!?

Your new best friend and fitness instructor Michelle McIntyre is going to help you with motivation and advice to unleash your inner Fit Bitch!