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Another episode from our best of collection served up fresh while we are on a break. Ever been curious about what a physic reading looks like. In this episode, Stacey the Black Feather Intuitive does a reading on the girls who do stuff. You not going to want to miss this crazy and fun episode.

Show Notes

Jenny overcomes her fear and demonstrates bravery as she is a little hesitant because she's scared something will happen beyond her control. Stacey does a reading on her using Tarot cards. They discuss the results together and unpack the possible meanings.

We talk about how some people are scared of what they might hear, but it is a safe place and done in the presence of someone that wants to encourage you on the path.

Sarah gets her physic reading saying that she is going to have changes in her life soon but it is mostly going to be around her career.

Jenny gets a tarot card reading and how she needs to go with the flow more and just accept the changes that are happening in her life and stop micromanaging. They discuss the challenges of this particular situation.

We talk about the difference between intuition and ego and how to let your intuition come through with plenty of examples from Stacey.

Stacey does a show every Wednesday at 8 pm on her youtube page if you'd like to know more.

What is Girls Who Do Stuff?

Come as you are with the courage to speak up and tell a better story. A raw and real podcast from two courageous women making an impact in their communities by helping guests share their unique stories.

Your hosts Jenny and Sarah are soul sisters with a passion for creating a space for authentic storytelling. Their guests will make you laugh, cry, and leave you with all-the-feels while you learn from thought leaders like entrepreneurs, influencers, coaches, real estate moguls, speakers, reality stars, and creative geniuses.