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In this Content Matterz podcast episode, Eric Kasimov talks with Mort Fertel, the CEO of SudShare. 
SudShare helps is a marketplace for laundry. Both for the user and the Sudster. But they are not just a laundry company. They are a tech company. And they are a company that shares content. Their CEO appears on podcasts sharing the story of SudShare, talking about his own philosophy, the dynamics of a family business, and answering questions around all of it and more. And while doing that, people are learning about a new opportunity to work with or use SudShare. And beyond that, a listener may be inspired to do their own thing–to think, “what is possible”. And all of that and more comes from sharing stories through podcasts. The same can be said for blogs and videos and social media posts — in their own way of course. It’s the sharing of stories on a podcast and other mediums that lead to fascinating things.
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