Back to School Again

Without the support of her family, Vanessia Baker found life as a student in her early twenties a real financial struggle.

Show Notes

She quit school and boldly moved across Canada after making a random connection in a Walmart. She got a job in Alberta, paid off her student loans and then the Fort McMurray fires hit. That led Vanessia back to the classroom at NorQuest College, to finish the education she had started.
We talk about....
  • How family influences your career choices 
  • The pressure we put on young people to choose a career
  • The struggles of paying for an education and dropping out of school
  • Wanting to escape your life 
  • Moving to Alberta, the Fort McMurray fires and returning to school at NorQuest College
  • Being a co-op student with the NorQuest College advancement team
  • Embracing and owning your past as you move forward
Special thanks to our sponsors NorQuest College for making this podcast possible and to our friends at the Alberta Podcast Network.

What is Back to School Again?

A podcast for mid-life learners.