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Classlist CEO Susan Burton interviews Dixie Stafford, Parent Association Chair, St Alban's High School for Girls. Key highlights are Dixie's description on her school community's big purpose and how her and her team manage their uniform shop that generates substantial funds.

Show Notes

Dixie is a former Accenture management consultant. Dixie was a committee member of the Overseas Women's Club in Bangalore, India which was instrumental in welcoming new expats as well as raising substantial funds for numerous good causes. After returning to the UK she became a rep and then Parent Association Chair of her daughters’ school St Albans High School for Girls. Her first task as Chair was to establish the purpose of her Parent Association which was set around three C’s community collaboration and celebration. Dixie also describes how her and the team manage their school's uniform shop, which is an important source of funds. Plus how her association manages a number of highly popular events including a comedy night and the end of year ball. 

What is Community Expert Podcast?

Welcome to the Classlist CX - Community Expert podcast series. Where our aim is to inspire and guide you with insight and advice from our community of experts.

Throughout this series we share best practice from successful school community leaders. In addition we discuss possible career opportunities beyond the school gate. Last but not least we hear from leading speakers from the wider world of community.