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Show Notes

Content Plus Commerce Episode 6 

Host: Blake Puryear Guest: Ben Herman 

On this episode Blake is joined by Ben Herman of Mad Fish Digital
[00:01:09] - Background about Mad Fish Digital
[00:02:49] - Differences of working with B-Corp brands from a strategy perspective
[00:03:36] - Tool sets, favorites to use and why
[00:04:49] - Approach to last touch attribution
[00:05:59] - Trends in the SEO/SEM realm, good or bad
[00:08:24] - Shoppable content, why is it effective/important
 [00:12:08] - Best “Our Agency is the Hero” story 

Quotes from the Episode: 

“Starts with understanding the goals of what a client is looking to accomplish and what we are looking to track.” [00:04:51] 

“Anyway that a brand can more seamlessly connect a product to a user in their research phase is going to be beneficial.” [00:08:28] 


Mad Fish Digital Visible
Bright funnel 

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