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This week I took a deep dive into how your genetic make up impacts your cannabis use with David Krantz, and Epigenetic Performance Coach who educated me on how and why some people react differently when Mary Jane is around.

Show Notes

Why is it your buddy can eat every edible and not seem high, but you can't stop acting like Cheech and Chong? It's all in your genes, and not your acid wash pair with custom ripped holes. David Krantz is an Epigenetic Performance Coach and has developed a DNA test that can tell you a lot about your relationship with cannabis and particularly with THC. Is it a relationship you should increase, change or even stop in some cases? Fine tuning your cannabis use, especially for those new to the plant could be life changing. David Wylie of the oz and it's brand new website brought the latest in This Week in Cannabis News where Canadian politicians are praising the advice from Seth Rogan to stay in and get high. We also discussed why kids and cannabis don't mix (you would think it's obvious, but some are learning the hard way) and the future of legalization in the U.S.A. with a pro cannabis Vice-President nominee. Plus one website has ranked the top ten provinces when it comes to cannabis in Canada. Chris Ianson is our educator as well as the Manager of Nova Cannabis Jasper Avenue in Edmonton and we explored Tropicana Cookies form Ignite. The cannabis is nice, and the story of the man behind Ignite is very polarizing. Malka Labell of the Green Generation Co has the latest Bud-Biz-Buzz on The Business of Cannabis where we discussed why celebrities are getting out of the Canadian cannabis scene and how Aquaponics could be the future of growing cannabis and at the same time solving food insecurity in areas drastically impacted by it. Our Cannabis Question is about your favourite accessory and our Cannabis Character is Jim Breuer from Half Baked, plus learn some new terms in Weed Word of the Day.

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