Ethan Gooch shares his journey of going behind the camera in his passion of hunting to create a successful and fast growing YouTube show, GoochieTV.

Show Notes

George Lynch interviews Ethan Gooch, who is a college student in Missouri with a huge passion to hunt and film hunts.  Ethan talks about his life growing up hunting and how he turned that love into a hugely successful YouTube show called GoochieTV.  With his two best friends from college, Bryce Hazen and Tanner Lain, Ethan shares the time, work, commitment and sacrifices that go into making a YouTube hunting show.  Ethan discusses one of his favorite hunts, the Mack's Prairie Wing's snow goose conservation hunt contest, in Arkansas and also gives great tips for other passionate hunters who want to start filming their hunts.

What is GEORGE LYNCH HUNTING Podcast Show?

The GEORGE LYNCH HUNTING podcast show from Legendary Gear will discuss and cover 'all things hunting' and will be hosted by veteran hunter, game call designer and calling contest judge, George Lynch. George will interview influential, knowledgable and experienced leaders in the hunting space for strategy, tips, tactics, hunting gear analysis and reviews, guidelines, opportunities and much more.

This show will cover waterfowl, turkey, deer, elk, bear, moose and predator ... basically, if it can be hunted, it'll be covered. Lastly, for those who know George Lynch personally and have shared a blind with him, you know he'll be adding a whole lot of fun and a great number of laughs, so check out the GEORGE LYNCH HUNTING show with Legendary Gear.

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