The Endurance Coaching Business Podcast

In this episode, I take a deep dive into why my content may seem mundane, ordinary, and downright boring. It's not about flash or dazzle; it's about the nuts and bolts that truly matter in running a successful business.

Topics Covered:
  • The confession: why my social posts, podcasts, and videos might seem dull.
  • How focusing on the daily grind in training, like nutrition and recovery, parallels the importance of seemingly boring content in business.
  • Why "just getting by" shouldn't be your goal and how embracing the mundane can lead to significant success.
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Tune in and discover why the mundane is not something to overlook but to embrace. Your coaching business, like a well-trained athlete, requires attention to the not-so-sexy parts to truly shine.

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Creators & Guests

Cam Langsford @ Training Tilt
Founder of @trainingtilt Auckland, New Zealand

What is The Endurance Coaching Business Podcast?

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