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In this episode, we welcome back Kyle Majchrowski to the show as we delve into implementing a human-centric approach to workplace environments. 
Kyle is a Senior Project Executive at Banner Health, where he provides support for teams managing new construction projects. He is also a founding member of Ripple Intent, a non-profit organization focused on improving workplace experiences by fostering community, reducing stress, and promoting collaborative and human-centric approaches to project delivery. 
We unpack the power of Ripple Intent’s programs and how they help people feel empowered and be intentional with their actions. We also uncover the types of topics covered at Ripple Intent’s events, how group discussions help clarify workplace nuances, and why self-awareness is vital for team productivity.
Hear about why you need to bring your ‘whole self’ into work, the importance of self-awareness, and the workplace culture pitfalls Ripple Intent solves. 
Explore pragmatic steps to start applying a human-centric approach at your organization and why leaders must form authentic relationships with their employees. 
Join us as we unpack practical tools and strategies to enhance workplace connection, joy, and productivity with Kyle Majchrowski!
Key Points From This Episode:
•   Why Kyle founded Ripple Intent and the impact it aims to make.
•   The value of fostering a collaborative and engaging work culture.
•   What got Kyle interested in the human-centric aspect of the workplace.
•   Advice for applying the Ripple Intent approach to your organization.
•   Mental health trends and why loneliness has become a pandemic.
“[Ripple Intent] tries to formulate and facilitate the conversations that we should be having to help us better understand who we are so we can impact how we work with other people.” — Kyle Majchrowski 
“When you start taking self-awareness to the level that [Banner Health] have, we see a lot less busy work [and] see a lot more empowerment.” — Kyle Majchrowski 

“For me [the human-centric concept] became a very complex problem that we needed to do some work in.” — Kyle Majchrowski 
“So much of what we do now is transaction-based.” — Kyle Majchrowski 
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