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The Covid-19 pandemic has been a watershed moment for tourism, as the whole world remained confined to their homes. Although the crisis is far from over, vaccination drives have given people renewed hope. You too are probably wondering: “Will I be able to travel again soon?”

Travel emotions are shifting from fear to optimism, but uncertainties remain. What will it be like to travel under this new normalcy of social distancing? Will vaccine passports be mandatory? Can vaccinations revitalise industries like hospitality, aviation, cruise lines, tour operators, amongst others?

Explore these possibilities and more with Kelly Chia, Deputy Head Research Asia, and Michael Cawley, former Chief Operating Officer of RyanAir, in this episode on tourism after Covid-19.

What is Beyond Markets?

“Beyond Markets” by Julius Baer is a series featuring conversations with experts to share recent market developments, key insights, and strategic inputs from around the globe. In each episode, we cut through the noise to offer practical advice and macro research on today’s shifting economic and market landscape. Please refer to for important legal information prior to listening to this podcast.