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Today on the podcast I am very excited to introduce you to Chris Cerra the founder of RemoteBase a newsletter focused on helping digital nomads and remote workers killer Airbnb deals. You can kind of think of RemoteBase like Scott’s Cheap Flights for Airbnbs!

During this interview Chris shared how he discovered that if you looked in the right places there were some incredible deals on Airbnb, he shared his top tips for finding and negotiating deals on Airbnb, and we also discussed what the future of the hospitality industry looks like in a remote work powered world.

Show Notes

💬  Topics Discussed:
  • What is RemoteBase and how does it work?
  • What inspired Chris to start RemoteBase?
  • How does RemoteBase define a good deal?
  • What platforms does RemoteBase take into consideration when looking at potential rentals?
  • The importance of where you live and how you spend your time when you are digital nomad
  • What is “decision fatigue” in the context of the digital nomad lifestyle?
  • The housing market after COVID
  • What factors does Chris take into account outside of price when recommending an Airbnb listing?
  • How RemoteBase delivers tailored deals for different types of users
  • Top techniques for growing a newsletter
  • Are there specific locations in the world that RemoteBase focuses on?
  • What are some locations that have become more popular over the last 2 years?
  • What does the future of hospitality and housing look like in a remote-first world?
  • Why we need a remote-first housing solution
  • Chris’ top tips for finding great listings on Airbnb
  • Chris’ thoughts on Airbnbs new interface
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