The Rep's Journey

In this episode, Zach Heiner talks to Stephen Rhyne about Efficiency and Effectiveness for those who develop Sales Training. Zach is a Senior Manager of Sales Training at Vivint, a direct to home sales expert, a Software Engineer, and a husband & father.

Show Notes

00:00 Zach Heiner Excerpt from (43 minute Mark)
00:44 The Rep's Journey Intro
00:58 Introduction: A Walk Down Memory Lane
01:26 How did you become a Senior Manager at Vivint?
08:26 Zach's Door to Door Experience
09:45 Software Developers Need to Learn Sales
12:10 Zach's Role @Vivint, COVID, & Corporate Training
23:20 Mapping The Rep's Journey
23:58 How Do You Think About the Best Training for the Rep?
28:06 How Does "Fake-ness" Show up in Training?
29:19 How Do You Organize Training?
34:20 How Did You Get There?
35:27 What Are You Excited About in Improving Training?
43:00 What Is Vivint Doing to Train Managers?
44:39 Will You Talk About Your View of Everboarding?
40:20 Thanks, Zach!

What is The Rep's Journey?

Learn tips for getting your reps to finish training, complete onboarding, and start selling faster! With over 12 years of experience working with direct sales companies that train 50k reps annually, Stephen Rhyne's perspective is proven to get results.