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Welcome to another captivating episode! Today’s guest is a real estate entrepreneur helping professionals achieve financial freedom with apartment investing! Introducing Jonathan Nichols, CEO at Apogee Capital. Jonathan partners with host Gregory McDonough to share the impact of an endurance mindset on unexpected aspects of life, lessons from endurance sports applied to entrepreneurship, negotiation strategies, and insights into his background and business journey. He also delves into his approach to goal setting, the books that have influenced him, and his involvement in triathlon, volunteering, and language learning.

  • Understand what you're naturally good at and delegate tasks that fall outside of your expertise. Jonathan exemplifies this by focusing on his analytical and negotiation skills while building a team to cover sales and marketing.
  • Jonathan's story about a student who managed to salvage a lost deal exemplifies the importance of never giving up. In a business context, leaders should cultivate resilience, encouraging their teams to push through challenges without yielding to defeat.
  • Avoiding the trap of comparison, notably exacerbated by social media, is crucial. Jonathan's approach of setting personal, achievable goals rather than measuring against others can apply to setting realistic business objectives and personal milestones.
  • The discipline required in Ironman training, where there's no shortcut to success, mirrors the discipline needed in entrepreneurship. Time blocking and setting short-term goals can help leaders focus on what's essential, improving productivity and goal achievement.
  • Preparing for the unexpected, as one does in endurance sports or business negotiations, equips leaders to manage unforeseen challenges effectively. This includes practicing under various conditions and planning for contingencies.
  • Joining groups or mentorship programs can offer support and opportunities for personal growth. Additionally, fostering openness and vulnerability within professional relationships can lead to solving challenges collectively.
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  • "You never lose until you quit." - Jonathan Nichols
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Greg McDonough is a seasoned executive who has owned and operated businesses in the professional services sector, navigating them through both good and tough times. He brings his personal experience of knowing what it’s like to be ‘in the owner’s seat’ when working with clients, taking time to ask the questions others may not.
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