Back to School Again

Donna Dawson spent 35 years as a public health nurse and while she loved her work, she also loved music.

Show Notes

When she retired, she decided it was time to step things up and in her early sixties, she became a student at the University of Alberta where she is pursuing a Master’s in Ethnomusicology. Donna is a multi-instrumentalist, playing violin, drums, flute and a mean ukulele.
We talk about....
  • Knowing exactly what you want to be when you grow up (or not!)
  • The Edmonton Medical Professional Orchestra (TEMPO)
  • The amazing CKUA Ukelele Choir
  • What exactly is ethnomusicology?
  • Having a love hate relationship with the use of technology in education
  • Edmonton's incredible music scene
  • Completing a degree primarily for personal development, not for career aspirations
  • Is becoming a student a new trend for retired people?
  • Being a passionate amateur and allowing yourself to try new things
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What is Back to School Again?

A podcast for mid-life learners.