The Rachel Roth Show

She walked away from her future law career to become a professional photographer. There was just one problem, she didn’t own a camera. But being the child of two immigrants had already taught her that anything worth having requires hard work, grit, and determination. Within her first year, she had created a six figure income doing photography. This inspired one idea after another and she hasn’t stopped. She turned that one decision into multiple million dollar businesses and she does all of it with a massive heart to serve others. Jasmine Star is just getting started and her reach and impact is growing daily. She brings energy and fire to everything she does and her passion to teach others how to become successful drives her every day. You will be inspired to master your mindset, take a risk (big or small), dig deep and lead with your heart.

What is The Rachel Roth Show?

Rachel Roth is an award winning leader at top organizations across multiple industries. She specializes in helping people identify their unique skillset and passion and purpose in life. With multiple awards and recognition and almost 20 years of real world experience, she is widely regarded as an expert and leader in her field. Her insights have been featured on podcasts, team trainings, masterminds, and conferences. As a passionate people person who loves to hear other people’s stories and learn from them, she brings you compelling stories of failing forward, unlikely success, overcoming obstacles and taking listeners from feeling powerless to powerful by identifying their identity, purpose, and passion.