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Acacia Leilani of Kamloops Chamber Of Commerce meet me for the 100 something Kameo @ Motivo in Downtown Kamloops to talk about her role and also #kamithefish

Show Notes

Hello Kammunity, 

This episode of Kameo w/ Acacia Leilani was recorded 1 week ago but it has been sitting on my audio recorder since then. I don’t know why I take so long to upload it, it takes all of 10 mins for the most part but I get weird after I cut the podcast. It’s like as soon as I finish the conversation I want to just move on to the next conversation… That is why I am trying to figure out a space where I can use my 4 channel desktop mixer and bring in a live streaming component to Kameo. I really want to bring to Kamloops a daily livestream with interesting people from Kamloops or those who pass through town. The #kammunity was always meant to grow beyond Kamloops by encouraging creative talent to visit me Kamloops. Yes, I could do remote podcasts, and I have done that in the past, and it just isn’t the same. I don’t have the same fire for doing a podcast behind a computer screen; it drives my anxiety wild. 

Now, if you are someone who listens to podcasts regularly, you will know that often not much is written in the podcast notes section other than some basic overview of the podcast and links to their social media accounts. I think since podcasts use RSS as the technology for distribution to iTunes, Spotify, TuneIn, Google Play, etc… it makes it a great way to blog. Old school, text based blogging and since podcasts are syndicated, I can get my words on more websites than just blogging on Wordpress, Medium or whatever blogging platform people use. I am limited by my time to create, distribute, build my business but also have some time to unplug and disconnect. 

So ya, I am gonna take “Kameo; Kamloops’ Unscripted Podcast” to a whole nother level because as my personal brand, its success is so closely connected to who I am as a person. You can unpack that however you want, but really it means if I am not podcasting, I probably not in a great place. So when you look at the gaps in my uploads, you can guess why that is…

So what can you expect? I am going to be catching up on putting out episode so that I my 3 Patreon supporters don’t feel like I scammed them. I don’t think I have, I have put out 100+ episodes in just over a year and a half, which is pretty crazy. But I know I can take it to the next level in output… And that does include audio quality which I have never bothered improving my Zoom H4N Pro + XLR mic setup. 

Now, if you have actually read this far, shoot me a DM on Instagram @nevinwebster and let me know your thoughts. I will send you a voice note if you are into that sort of thing!

Anyways, here are those links:

Anyways, thanks for tuning into “Kameo w/ Nevin Webster” and please consider subscribing or leaving my a review on iTunes. 

Nevin Webster 
Professional Hypeman 
"Time & Pressure Make A Diamond"

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