On The Scene celebrated its 50th EPISODE on November 30th, 2023! Hosts Darek and Allison headed to Adventurer's Guild Cafe in Downtown Kitchener to chat with Sara Geidlinger and Colin Hunter about their upcoming film "The Ref Didn't See It."


Sara Geidlinger is a local multimedia storyteller - podcast host, photographer, filmmaker, and producer, she does it all. She is also an occasional guest host for On The Scene! Sara teamed up with Colin Hunter, creator of Kayfabe News, a satirical wrestling news website, to direct The Ref Didn’t See It, a celebration of the unsung heroes of wrestling - the referees! The pair have been visiting wrestling studios, particularly Off The Ropes Studio in Kitchener to chat with referees, wrestlers, and everyone that plays a role in getting a wrestling show up in the ring. They released their official teaser last month and we are excited to hear more about it.

Music: Living Room for Small (JUST LIKE U), Rachel Hickey (River), Onion Honey (Holiday Hootenany)


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