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Lazar Stojkovic is a Serial founder with 15 years of experience across different spaces: e-commerce, hardware, online publishing, online marketplaces, fintech, and SaaS. He is also the Co-founder of Serbian Entrepreneurs, non-profit that connects 300+ tech founders and investors of Serbian descent across 9 chapters in 5 countries.

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Key Links from this episode:
  • ChatGPT - A chat based system by OpenAI that can provide written answers from a text-based prompt
  • GPT-3 API - An API by OpenAI that allows you to bring GPT into your product or service.
  • Replicate - Open source cloud API for running AI models
  • Lore AI Newsletter - A free newsletter discussing business and creative applications for AI
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(1:09) - Introducing Lazar
(3:05) - How are you thinking about ChatGPT?
(8:19) - Is AI actually taking people’s jobs?
(18:44) - The pictorial side of  AI
(30:31) - 10x-ing AI, applications and potential negative outcomes
(46:27) - What to look forward to with AI
(53:44) - How do we look at the cost of AI?
(57:51) - How should Product Managers be thinking about AI implementation?
(1:09:01) - How might AI change business models?
(1:13:38) - Where do you suggest people go to learn more about this?
(1:21:12) - Would we even know if AI becomes sentient?
(1:27:10) - Wrapping up

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