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On December 23rd I recorded a 20 minute conversation with Harley, a well-known (at least to me) street person who recently got out of prison for a stabbing he committed in 2015.

Show Notes

After recording my conversation with Harley I looked up the stabbing incident that put him in prison for five years.  I provide a link and excerpt to that story in this blog post.  The image for this episode is a pic I took of Harley before he went to prison in 2015.  I went looking for some other articles about Harley's crew.  Here's one from 2011 about Jimmy Lee Ferguson's death.  The following year Joey Gonzalez died in Butte.  Joey was involved in the beating death of Johnny Belmarez in 2010.  This beating happened on the same night Missoula debuted its equality ordinance, about 50 feet from City Council chambers.

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