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Robin Ferris is the CEO and Founder of Bankuet. 

With the cost of living crisis and inflation, food poverty in the UK is at it’s worst. This year 9.3 million people in the UK will experience food insecurity and in the last year 1 million people have used food banks for the first time.

Volunteering in his local food bank, Robin saw firsthand the challenges that food banks face and how they would struggle to meet the continued increasing demand.

Robin wanted to build a tech platform that would make it was easy and simple for people to donate, whilst making their money go further. And also making sure food banks got the food and items they needed, when they needed them. 

In 2019, Bankuet was born with the vision for no one in the UK to go hungry.  Since then, they have partnered with over 300 food banks across the UK and delivered over 2.8 million food and household items to help tackle food poverty. 

  • 03.23: The harsh reality of food poverty in the UK
  • 07.15: Things are only going to get worse and less food is being donated
  • 10.53: The food bank system, how it all works
  • 17.08: The story of Bankuet
  • 31.26: The power of technology to solve social issues 
  • 39.53: Build brand awareness and attracting donations
  • 43.31: Bankuet is for profit, building a scalable impact business model
  • 49.06: Internal operations, managing volunteers and part time staff remotely around the UK
  • 55.33: The future plans for Bankuet
  • 59.22: Meeting King Charles

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Robin Ferris, Founder and CEO of Bankuet. /
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