Chronologically: Stephen King the 70s & 80s

One anthology deserves another.

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What is Chronologically: Stephen King the 70s & 80s?

Season 4: Stephen King the 70s & 80s
This season we move away from directors and look at the movies based on the works of Stephen King.

Season 3: Shyamalan
Starting August 2nd 2023. This time Jeff and Eric are taking a deep dive into the films of the master of the twist, M. Night Shyamalan. Of course, all done in chronological order.

Season 2: Spielberg
Just when you thought it was safe to unsubscribe, a chronological podcast returns with season two. Jeff returns with Eric from The Gaming Nexus to go through every Spielberg film in, you guessed it, chronological order.

Season 1: Hitchcock.
Every Wednesday in 2021, Jeff has to review an Alfred Hitchcock movie. And he has to do it in the order they were released. All 52 of them. That's how many Wednesdays there are in 2021. From the silent era to his final film, all reviewed in one year.