Yoga Connection With Zorananda

Welcome to the Yoga Connection with Zorananda. Today I dive into the third Prana Vayu: Saman Vayu. Many apologies for missing the upload last week. As you'll hear in this episode, I explain why I missed uploading this episode last week. 

The links below correspond with a video and a couple studies that I talk about in this episode: 


Science Articles:
Pranayama and their Neurological Effects:
The Physics of Human Breathing:
Voluntary Activation of Sympathetic Nervous System:

Personal Links:


Open and Closing song: The Challenger:

What is Yoga Connection With Zorananda?

The Yoga Connection is a deep dive into everything yoga. Follow along with Zorananda and his guests as they discuss yoga history, spirituality, different practices, and the many misconceptions that have followed along throughout the years of yogic tradition.