Sustainability Bites in association with Nestlé Professional

Plastic reduction remains a key priority for out of home businesses as they seek to achieve their climate and nature goals. This in turn has created huge interest in alternative packaging materials such as paper as well as novel materials like seaweed, but are businesses making the right choices when switching out of plastic?

This podcast Packaging: materials & substitution in association with Nestlé Professional, explores the current strategic priorities of businesses where packaging sustainability is concerned and considers questions including:
  • What alternative materials to plastic are getting the most traction in an out of home setting and why?
  • On what criteria are businesses assessing the use case for alternatives to plastics?
  • How are companies measuring and reporting the sustainability credentials of different materials and how can they guard against accusations of greenwashing?
  • How is the UK regulatory environment influencing business’s choice of packaging materials?
On the green sofa for this podcast are a number of protagonists in the packaging field who, whilst approaching the issue from differing perspectives, all have an eye to the future making for a fascinating discussion.
  • James Marsh - Senior Packaging Specialist, Nestlé UK
  • Martin Kersh - Executive Director, Foodservice Packaging Association
  • Justin Turquet - Director of Sustainability, Bunzl Catering & Hospitality
  • David Burrows - Associate Editor, Footprint

What is Sustainability Bites in association with Nestlé Professional?

Sustainability Symposium is a new series of podcasts featuring panel discussions between industry experts that focus on some of the key sustainability issues and topics that confront the out of home food and drink sector today.