ZenOne Podcast

By many of your requests we invited Mary Govoni, Mike Rust (ProEdge Dental Lab) and Kelley (ProEdge Dental Lab)to the live webinar to discuss if your waterlines are ready for ReOpening.

Show Notes

Since your dental units have been sitting idle, water can become contaminated, and before opening the practice back you need to make sure to follow protocols. We will discuss:
  1. What it means to test the water lines and how soon.
  2. Difference in In office tests and the test that are done in the lab.
  3. Answer questions from the audience 

What is ZenOne Podcast?

ZenOne Podcast is a place where we combine our 2 passions. One is to help improve dental practices through efficiency (think of streamlined process, organization, Zen in your office life) and interviewing interesting people.