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Ross Barber-Smith is a web designer, music lover and awesomeness aspirer. He designs and builds websites for musicians and is the founder and co-host of Bridge The Atlantic, a music industry podcast.

Show Notes

I think the best type of marketing is when you don't need to do much of the promotion yourself because you've built such a great fanbase that they're actually gonna do that for you. - Ross Barber-Smith

This week’s guest is music web designer Ross Barber-Smith from Electric Kiwi.

As well as making beautiful websites for bands and musicians across the globe, Ross has also created content to help artists with articles on everything from building music communities and why he loves Twitter, to an open letter to music fans telling them the best way to support the artists they love.

Ross is based in Glasgow but he co-hosts a podcast with Marcio Novelli, an artist from Canada, called Bridge the Atlantic which launched in 2014 and has featured guests from all corners of the music industry and has over 4 & ½ thousand subscribers and over a million views on their YouTube channel so I’m really grateful and excited to welcome Ross Barber-Smith.

Show notes

Ariel Hyatt & Derek Sivers on Crafting the Perfect Pitch
How to write a bio (The Unsigned Guide)
Start With Why
Sammy Andrews tweet
Rik Barker: “if she wanted to sell 500,000 albums, she’d need to meet 500,000 people”
Why musicians need their own website
Justin Trawick and artist collective The 9
Using email newsletters to build and engage your fanbase
Electric Kiwi
Ross in on Instagram // Twitter // Facebook
Bridge The Atlantic podcast


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What is Indie Music Marketing?

This podcast is a resource for independent self-releasing artists. A place to hear from music marketers, industry professionals, successful artists, independent music champions and thinkers about how to focus on marketing activity that actually moves the needle and advances an artist career. It's so easy to be busy as an independent musician. It's much more difficult to be productive, busying yourself only with the right things at the right time.