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In this episode, Reza Yassi, a Maurice A. Deane School of Law at Hofstra University graduate, explains how to develop a strong resume through legal assignments.
This episode is sponsored by Attornneed (

Show Notes

Reza Yassi wants you to change the way you think about hiring and legal internships.  His company, Attornneed, connects law firms and law students with assignment-based, virtual internships. 

As a 2L, Reza was contacted by a friend from law school and asked to complete a research assignment.  Reza took the idea and used it in the Hofstra Venture Capitalist Challenge and found that Attornneed was a viable idea.  

In his 3L year, Reza had friends and classmates join Attornneed and get connected with virtual internships of at least eight hours.  Small and mid-sized law firms loved the concept and law students enjoy the chance to experience different practice areas without a semester-long commitment. 

Attornneed is unlike many other virtual internships because the company is established; having the experience of providing virtual internships before this was trendy and Attornneed looks for reasons to say ‘Yes’ to an intern. 

Reza Yassi is licensed in New York.  Connect with Attornneed on Instagram @attornneed and visit their website,

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This episode is sponsored by Attornneed (

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A podcast that shares the experiences and successes of law graduates who created their own paths.