Let's Think This Through with Bailey Parnell

In this enlightening episode, Bailey Parnell dives into an engaging conversation with Lexi Miles-Corin, a pioneer in the beauty and personal care industry. Together, they explore the intersections of beauty, fashion, personal development, and entrepreneurship. From reminiscing about their first meeting at a fashion show to discussing the transformative power of smoothies and fashion, the conversation reveals the depth of their experiences and insights. Lexi shares the journey behind her successful ventures, Waxon and South, highlighting the challenges and triumphs of building a business in the beauty industry, especially during the unpredictable times of the pandemic. This episode also ventures into a thought-provoking discussion on the future of beauty and personal care services, imagining innovative business models like "Palette," a personalized makeup experience, and redefining the concept of franchising as a mentorship opportunity for women. Lexi's story is a testament to the power of authenticity, visionary thinking, and the importance of a supportive community in navigating the entrepreneurial landscape. Through this conversation, listeners are invited to reflect on their own paths, the impact of their choices, and the importance of mental fitness in achieving personal and professional success.

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Topic Covered
  • Introduction and Compliments
  • Discussion about Smoothies
  • Love for Fashion
  • Identity Exploration through Beauty
  • Building Wax On and South
  • Defining Beauty
  • Importance of Personal Care Services
  • Birth of Second Child and Pandemic Impact
  • The Unpredictable Side of Business
  • Turning Challenges into Opportunities
  • Discovering Purpose and Passion
  • Changing Perceptions of Franchising
  • Franchising as a Mentorship Opportunity for Women
  • Empowering Women through Franchising
  • Overcoming Barriers to Entrepreneurship
  • The Evolution of Franchising
  • The Importance of Quality Control in Franchising
  • Creating a Safe and Vulnerable Space for Clients
  • Thought Experiment: Building a Brand for the Future
  • Exploring Future Franchise Opportunities
  • Building a Brand for a Future Service
  • Creating a Franchise for Body Piercing
  • Thought Experiment: Branding a Future Service
  • Expanding the Franchise of the Future
  • Franchise Partners for the Future
  • Living in the Future
  • The Power of Morning Routines
  • The Importance of Mental Fitness
  • The Influence of Parents
  • Setting Goals and Pushing Yourself
  • Creating a Supportive Village
  • The Power of Being Yourself
  • Taking Action and Building a Support System
  • Rapid Fire Q&A
  • Connecting the Past, Present, and Future
  • Final Thoughts and Taking Action

What is Let's Think This Through with Bailey Parnell?

“Let's Think This Through with Bailey Parnell" is a bi-weekly video podcast that invites audiences to enriching conversations over drinks, capturing the essence of your favourite coffee dates and cocktail chats with friends. Hosted by world-renowed speaker and researcher in the world of human skills and digital wellbeing, Bailey Parnell, each 45-60-minute episode features segments like "Thought Experiments" and “On Second Thought,” alongside other varied discussions that provoke, amuse, and inspire. Aimed at those passionate about self-improvement and learning, the show offers a blend of casual banter and deep insights into personal and professional development. Become one of Bailey’s “Thinkin’ Buddies” by subscribing and contributing to the topics Bailey and her guests think through while sharing a drink.