Second Breaks

"The biggest transformation that you see in me is that I have replaced the rule book." — Vivek Chakrabortty

Show Notes

A singular event rarely transforms a person. True transformation occurs over time and usually, after a series of events that shakes one's world view.

Vivek Chakrabortty is the CEO and Founder of The Kavi Group, a crisis management and business continuity consulting firm that supports some of the largest firms in the world today. He is a husband and a father to 3 young adults. You’ll hear him say later that home is wherever his family is, so let me just say, today, he and his family reside in Florida.
  • How Vivek slowly but surely, discarded the rule books and constructs that he had previously lived his life by;
  • The philosophies — or his North and South stars — that guide his work and life;
  • How these philosophies show up in his work and his parenting style;
  • What he views as his responsibility is to his employees;
  • How his ambition expresses itself today (versus how it was 20 years ago).

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What is Second Breaks?

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