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Welcome to Part II of my first "Ticklish Topic": Abortion

In this, part two of a two-part series, I'll list for you the two strongest arguments against abortion--arguments by which you might be repulsed, persuaded, enflamed, or unmoved. You'll have to e-mail me and let me your response...

I should say, the goal isn't to win you, my dear listener, to one side or to the other of this debate, but to the elucidate the issue for you. I want you to see through it more clearly than ever before, to penetrate all the dense political jargon, the misleading euphemisms, and the fog of cant by which this topic is clouded. I want you to feel confident about your position, settled in your reasoning, affirmed of your logic when this topic arises over the course of the next few months, on which you might be called upon to give an opinion.

Listen to this and the next episode , and you'll be well-equipped.

In ascending order of their relative strength, the best arguments against abortion would be

1.) The "Future-Like-Ours" Argument
2.) The "Difference-In-Degree" Argument

Do you find these compelling?

Visit Part I for the Three Arguments FOR abortion.

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